About SL Designs LLC

SL Designs sits on Lexington Rd in Nicholasville, Kentucky. SL Designs has a showroom where homeowners can view our large array of high-end bathroom vanities and kitchen cabinets in Central Kentucky. Our professional designers strive to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the entire experience.

[su_quote]SL Designs is a family owned and operated business founded by Scott Lewis. Customers arrive from far and wide to take advantage of our great prices and variety of Kitchen and Bath Cabinets.[/su_quote]

Our Values

  • Honest and upfront practices for 45 years of business.
    We stand behind our products. If it is not structurally sound, we will not sell it to you.
    If it does not work for you, we do not want you to buy it.

Our Staff

Our trained and knowledgeable staff is ready to help answer all your questions. In addition, we can provide assistance with laying out and designing your kitchen and bath, should you need our help.

About Our Company Owner, Scott Lewis.

Scott Lewis is the owner of SL Designs LLC, and has more than 17 years of experience in all aspects of kitchen and bathroom design and install.

He offers a wide knowledge of the industry in both design and installation, ensuring that designs work with the installation requirements. The final result is a beautiful design that is easy to install, working not only on paper, but installed in the home as well.

After working in the cabinetry industry for almost ten years, Scott found himself at the point in his life where he felt he could take a risk and start out on his own. “I also felt like I had a lot of friends and family I could lean on for support and advice on starting a new business and that’s exactly what I did,” he explained. “I would never say I took this leap alone. I can remember countless phone calls to a close friend for advice and direction.”
He remembers that the biggest challenge faced was getting people to take a chance on him. “I was literally carrying used cabinet door samples in my car to show people and trying to convince them to give me a shot, and that I could do everything I promised,” he said.

Now, SL Designs, Inc. is a one-stop shop for people looking to redo a kitchen, bath or laundry room. With a professional design and install team that manages each project to the end, they always put their clients first. “We care about your project, we care about the fact that you chose to do business with us,” Scott said. “We understand that when you choose to do a project on your home and the money that you spend is something that is a very big deal to you, and we want you to know we don’t take that lightly.

Having grown up in a small town in rural Kentucky, Scott is deeply grateful for the opportunities he has. “Watching my family work multiple jobs for low wages, and seeing how hard they worked to provide for me and give me opportunities in life that they didn’t have, is what drives me,” he said. “That is what makes getting up every morning easy: knowing they did it, and so can I.”

Scott’s advice to other entrepreneurs is to always put people first. “Take care of the people who work with you, take care of your customers, and those two things will take care of you,” he said.